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Good day, dear readers. As always on Thursdays, I admire the brightest and most interesting outfits in which Hollywood celebrities were seen during the last seven days. Today we can expect a lot of current trends that the stars have been interesting to fit in your closet.

Sarah Jessica Parker

On Tuesday, Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in new York riding a bike. Even to this active pastime, the actress came up with her usual sense of style. Sarah Jessica feminine blouse with floral print, blue skirt in small red polka dots, a brown coat in a cage and brown high boots. Bright accent steel purple tights and gloves eggplant shade. And that is exactly what is called the “highlight image”.

Blouse white flowered Elena Kulikova 8 250 RUB.


Blouse, Vittoria Vicci 2 590 RUB.


Blouse, TOM TAILOR 3 999 rubles.


Skirt, ZIP-ART 3 750 RUB.


Skirt, FASHION KEY 3 480 RUB.


Skirt, Fart Favorita 3 200 RUB.


Women’s coat, YouLookStudio 20 500 RUB.


Coat “KORNAS”, CARDO 21 090 RUB.


Coat, YouLookStudio 18 500 RUB.


Boots, Ekonika 15 990 RUB.


Boots, ARGO. 9 790 RUB.


Boots, GARRO 14 700 RUB.


Women’s tights trendy 150, CONTE Elegant 600 RUB.


Pantyhose, Trasparenze 999 RUB.


Pantyhose, Trasparenze 799 RUB.


Gloves, Dali Exclusive 4 240 RUB.


Gloves, Eleganzza 4 290 RUB.


Gloves, A&M 7 990 RUB.


Lily James

Lily James on Monday called for the Into Film Awards in London. The actress wore a dress in the latest trend peas and complemented it with platform boots and heel. This combination of delicate and elegant dress and coarse shoes couldn’t slip our attention. So if you want to wear feminine clothes and to avoid retro-associations, do the same!


5 900 RUB.


Dress, DSHE

8 590 RUB.


Dress, Olya Stoff

4 990 RUB.


Boots, Pierre Cardin

9 300 RUB.


Shoes for women, POLLINI

28 900 rubles.


Ankle boots, T. TACCARDI

2 199 rubles.


Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore on Tuesday visited the Studio of Good Morning America in new York. The actress tried on the current trend of the season spring-summer 2019 — monochrome image and chose a purple shade that really suits her hair color.

Sweater Mango

11 903 RUB.


Sweater, VERO MODA

3 282 RUB.


Sweater, Befree

1 799 RUB.


Pants, Irma Dressy

3 200 RUB.


Pants, Petit Pas

4 000 RUB.


Pants, Nefertiti

4 440 RUB.


Ankle Boots, Valley

9 770 RUB.


Ankle boots, HELENA BERGER

6 090 RUB.


Ankle boots, MILANA

11 500 RUB.



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